Muslim Ex-Inmates to Get Mentors On Release

December 10, 2009

Author: Catrin Nye

Source: BBC News

A charity is offering one-to-one support for Muslim criminals on their release from jail in a bid to cut reoffending.

The scheme is being run by Mosaic, which runs programmes to support young Muslims living in deprived areas.

A study of Muslim prisoners found many were rejected and stigmatised by their communities on leaving custody.

About 12% of inmates in England and Wales are Muslim, compared with 3% of the general population overall.

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Twenty-six-year-old Mohammed (not his real name), is serving an indeterminate sentence in Latchmere House prison in south-west London after being convicted of conspiracy to rob.

"You know many families don't actually deal with what their son or daughter has done. 

"They don't try to understand it, they bring a lot of their own emotions of embarrassment into the way they deal with it, thinking about themselves rather than what's good for their son or daughter."