Muslim Council Condemns Violence Against Christians

November 1, 2004

Source: Analyst

On November 1, 2004 The Analyst reported, "'Whatever the cause of this unhealthy episode, the National Muslim Council of Liberia condemns it in its entirety in no uncertain term, referring to it as barbaric and unacceptable.' This statement by the Muslim Council on state radio over the weekend contended that the National Muslim Council of Liberia sees the act by the perpetrators to be inviting serious religious war between peaceful Christians and Muslims, who have lived together in harmony from time in memorial on national hope and aspiration, and enjoyed equal rights and opportunity as guaranteed by the laws of the land. The National Muslim Council of Liberia said it is of the strong conviction that 'these so-called disgruntled fanatics who are now hiding behind the wall of religion to implement their evil plans against the state and terrorized the religious community,' are people of very little faith no faith in the Almighty God.' The Muslim Council has called for the organizing of a joint national forum with national understanding of religious tolerance by the religious leaders of Liberia."