Muslim Community Reels as Media Coverage of Lodi Terror Presumes Guilt

July 6, 2005

Source: Metroactive

On July 6, 2005 Metroactive reported, "The media storm that followed the Lodi arrests and detentions has been, up until now, not unlike those which have followed other terrorism-related arrests since 9/11. The pattern has been agonizingly consistent: A flurry of media coverage immediately following the arrests, most of it not skeptical of the government's allegations, which peters out as the government's cases fizzle. The arrests are front-page news, while the releases are buried in the back of the newspaper... Of the more than 60 stories that have been written by the four major California dailies�the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, San Jose Mercury News and San Francisco Chronicle�covering the recent arrests, only a tiny fraction... saw fit to point out that the federal government's track record on terrorism convictions is, in the words of the [Los Angeles Times], 'not unblemished.'"

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