Muslim Comic Takes Aim At Stereotypes

April 9, 2009

Author: John Baur

Source: St. Thomas Source

Stereotypes of what "all Muslims" are like, how they behave and what they think took a blow Thursday night, undergoing repeated shots to the funny bone administered by "Baba Ali," a Muslim comic and popular star of Internet videos.

Ali, whose actual name is Ali Ardekani, performed Thursday at the Great Hall on the St. Croix campus of the University of the Virgin Islands. The event was sponsored by the school's Muslim Students Association.

More than 200 people jammed the hall for the appearance, and while the audience was primarily Muslim, there was a heavy mixing of non-believers as well.

It is that mix of an audience that Baba Ali plays off of. By joking about stereotypes, about, for example, the things a Muslim should not do or risk getting thrown off of airplanes, he gets the audience laughing -- the non-Muslims because they recognize it, the Muslims because they live it.