Muslim Clothing Line Creates Casual Wear with Islamic Focus

August 9, 2002

Source: The Plain Dealer

On August 9, 2002 The Plain Dealer reported on "Muslim Gear - a line of clothing 'with Islamic attitude' that aims to promote greater understanding of the religion and culture...  It's sold by a small but growing company that likes to say it's 'dressing Muslims from Mecca to Montreal' and found interest perking up in the months after Sept. 11... Khurum Ullah, 25, the oldest of the company's five founding partners [said]...    'We're basically an organization that produces shirts and clothing for the Muslim community. Our emphasis is promoting Islamic awareness. For a Muslim raised in North America, one of the greatest challenges we face is trying to maintain a proper Muslim identity.'...      Its 'attitude' comes from a stylized logo that's intended to look like an Arabic symbol but actually says 'M Gear,' and from a variety of printed phrases like 'Islam, more than a religion, a complete way of life'...    Another - 'The hijab: oppression or liberation, I'll decide' - refers to the scarflike women's head covering." The article notes that the clothing line is gaining popularity, especially in New York, Pennsylvania, and California.