Muslim Cleric Trial Opens With Accusations of Religious Hatred

January 11, 2006

Source: International Herald Tribune/The New York Times

On January 11, 2006 the The New York Times reported, "In a closely watched trial, a prominent British Muslim cleric was accused Wednesday of inciting hatred against Jews and of seeking the installation of an Islamic caliphate in the White House. He was said to have praised Hitler and to have voiced support for suicide bombings. The alleged offenses against various British laws were said to have taken place in a series of lectures and sermons recorded on videotape and audio cassettes. The cleric, Abu Hamza al-Masri, 47, has denied all 15 charges against him, which include inciting racial hatred and of possessing a 10-volume 'Encyclopedia of the Afghani Jihad,' described by prosecutors as 'a manual for terrorism'... David Perry, a prosecutor, said Masri 'encouraged his listeners, whether they were an audience at a private meeting or a congregation at the mosque, to believe it was part of a religious duty to fight in the cause of Allah - God - and as part of the religious duty to fight in the cause of Allah, it was part of the religious duty to kill. The people they were being encouraged to kill, put shortly, were nonbelievers - those who did not believe in, or who were not a follower or even a true follower of Islam,' Perry said."