Muslim Chaplain at Yale Writes “Koran for Dummies” Book

December 15, 2005

Source: New Haven Advocate

On December 15, 2005 the New Haven Advocate reported, "When it comes to religion, especially the widely misunderstood religion of Islam, many could benefit from an eraser to the head. Scholars have obliged recently, lobbing shots into the English-speaking world with books like... The Koran for Dummies, by Sohaib Sultan, the Islamic chaplain at Yale. The Koran is an ancient, holy and serious book, not what one would expect wrapped in the often flip, cartoony Dummies style. But Sultan saw opportunity when he was approached to write this book. After a little hesitation - some Koranic scholars disapproved - he listened to his conscience. It said, 'If you pass this up, you will have lost a great opportunity to introduce one of most misunderstood religions to the American public.' Sohaib Sultan... recently became, at age 25, the first-ever Islamic chaplain at Yale. He has been studying the Koran in Arabic since childhood, spending six years with Koranic scholars in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. He is now working on his master's degree in Islamic studies and Christian-Muslim Relations and Islamic Chaplaincy at the Hartford Seminary... The Koran for Dummies is a potent debunker. Meant to be read as a supplement to, not a substitute for, the Koran, it is a guidebook to the holy scripture of Islam."

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