Muslim Apologist Becomes Victim of Hate Crime in FL

July 22, 2004

Source: AP

On July 22, 2004 AP reported, "After appearing on Fox News and local television in Orlando and urging Americans not to blame Muslims for the beheading of American businessman Nicholas Berg by Al-Qaida-linked militants in Iraq in May, [Areej] Zufari became a victim of the hate she had tried to discourage... Two men confronted her inside a gas station's convenience store in Orlando, spewing out a string of vulgarities and sexually inappropriate remarks... Islamic leaders say the recent beheadings of foreigners by Islamic militants in Iraq and Saudi Arabia have prompted a rash of hate crimes against Muslims in America, despite efforts to educate the public that those actions don't represent the values of the Muslim religion... The Florida CAIR office said there have been 32 anti-Muslim incidents in Florida so far this year."