Muslim Americans March for Immigration Reform

May 1, 2006

Source: Muslim Public Affairs Council

On May 1, 2006 Muslim Public Affairs Council reported, "In Los Angeles, Muslim Americans joined more than one million people who attended two Immigrants’ Rights marches in downtown and along Wilshire Blvd. on May 1, 2006. The nationwide day of action calling for immigration reform has been described in recent days as one of the largest rallies in American history. Hundreds of thousands of documented and undocumented individuals marched in solidarity, demanding rights for the estimated 11 million undocumented individuals currently residing in the United States. Representatives from MPAC, CAIR-LA and MSAwest were present, carrying signs with slogans such as 'Muslims Support Liberty & Justice For All' and 'Muslims and Catholics United for Justice.' Mobilizing local Muslim communities around the issue of immigration has brought Muslim Americans into the fold of activism with people from diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds around common issues of concern. Among the most controversial components of HR 4437 is a provision which seeks to criminalize people individuals and institutions for providing humanitarian assistance to undocumented individuals. This would include physicians, educators, and members of the clergy."