Muslim American Voter Registration Drive

August 13, 2003

Source: Voice of America

On August 13, 2003 Voice of America reported that "Muslim-Americans are not known for their political influence in Washington. But some Muslim activists are vowing to change that. A voter registration drive is targeting the estimated six to seven million American Muslims in hopes of strengthening their political clout... The new voter registration drive is being launched by the Muslim American Society in hopes of registering hundreds of thousands of American Muslims in advance of next year's presidential election... Roger Limoges is with a group called the Interfaith Alliance, a non-partisan advocacy group that includes representatives from 65 different religious beliefs and traditions... 'For any community or group of people, voting is the best way to get involved and to make a difference,' he said. 'At no other time in our history is it more important for the Muslim community to unify and strengthen their political voice...' Organizers say a particular concern is getting younger Muslim Americans to register to vote."