Muslim-American Family Creates Little India Neighborhood in Northwest Indiana

June 11, 2006

Source: Northwest Indiana Times

On June 11, 2006 Northwest Indiana Times reported, "With a cell phone pressed to his ear, Firoz Vohra walked one block from his home on Broadway Avenue to the South Suburban Islamic Center. As Firoz Vohra ordered a truckload of antifreeze for his wholesale distribution business, he touched the head of a young boy on the sidewalk who was dressed in a prayer cap and traditional royal blue Indian shirt and pants. And as he entered the center, at 15200 S. Broadway Ave., he removed his shoes. Firoz Vohra is one of about 180 Indian residents who live in a two-block area of Harvey. He said 95 percent of the Indian residents are family members. They have purchased 26 homes on Broadway Avenue and in the surrounding blocks. He said they are also building new homes and a private park for their children on empty lots they have purchased... 'One by one, one by one, we buy every house,' said Noormohmad Vhora. 'My kids and my grandkids, they are coming out the way I wanted. Financially, they are successful.' He maintained strict rules for his children, and said family values and religious practices are important. 'In American society, the fear of God is taken away,' said Noormohmad Vhora. 'People are not going to church. That is why all these crimes are happening. If you train children with religious ways, I think children will come out better.' Noormohmad Vhora is pleased with his Harvey home, and said the community has accepted his family and shown religious tolerance over the years. "