Muslim Actor Warns Against Misuse of Religion

April 28, 2004

Source: The Ledger

On April 28, 2004 The Ledger ran an Associated Press article that reported, "Shah Rukh Khan, a Muslim actor married to a Hindu, says his success as one of India's top movie stars proves India's inherent secularism, and urged his compatriots to oppose the misuse of religion. 'The only thing which can stop India from being the greatest superpower in this world is the misuse of communalism, misuse of religion,' the 'Devdas' star said in a BBC Asia Today interview airing Thursday. 'I am a walking, talking secular example,' said Khan. 'I am an Islamic hero. My wife is Hindu. My children - I always say this openly - they will learn both the religions. There is no difference at all. I would like to teach them Christianity, too. I think by nature Indians are very secular,' Khan said, 'and the biggest case in point is that a Muslim guy is one of the top stars for the last 13 years. They have accepted me.'"