The Murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi

September 20, 2001


On September 20, 2001, Governor Jane Dee Hull issued the statement "Arizona Responds," which read, in part: "With the murder of Mr. Sodhi, we saw the price of mindless violence." She noted, "This was a good man. To hurt anyone because of the way they look is wrong. No one should be targeted because of appearance or religion and the senselessness of this violence is hard to comprehend." She expressed pride at the reaction of the Sodhi family and larger community. "In the face of this terrible act, the members of the family expressed nothing but sorrow, love and acceptance. Not a word of anger. At the same time, an impromptu memorial appeared in Mesa. Neighbors said repeatedly, 'We want the family to know we are not all like that. This is not what Arizona is like, this is not what America is like.' They are right: Most of America is not like that." She concluded, "Unity is our strength."