Multifaith Spiritual Center Established at Powell River Hospital

November 30, 2005

Source: The Powell River Peak

On November 30, 2005 The Powell River Peak reported, "A new spirituality is permeating Powell River General Hospital through a collaboration between a group of spiritual leaders and administrators at the hospital. Ministers of different faiths have always provided spiritual care services, but that aspect of care has now been formalized and given a permanent space in the hospital. 'Spiritual care is a part of health care of the whole person,' said Gina Devlin, who represents the Baha'i faith on the spiritual care committee. 'Their spiritual part can't be left out.' Devlin said the spiritual care program and committee grew out of a one-day workshop in January 2005. A steering committee now meets once a month to discuss how to improve meeting spiritual needs of family, patients and friends. She added that the group would start an educational program in 2006, making presentations once a month for people interested in getting involved... Elsie Paul, a Tla'Amin (Sliammon) First Nation elder and a Roman Catholic, said that people in the hospital sometimes need support in terms of first nations practices... Paul added that in the past she had given cross-cultural awareness talks for doctors and nurses at the old hospital building. 'I think it's really important. People are sometimes uncomfortable if they have questions about why we do what we do.'"