Multi-Faith Group Gets Public School Grant to Create Book on Saskatoon's Religious Diversity

December 16, 2005

Source: The Star Phoenix

On December 16, 2005 The Star Phoenix reported, "Saskatoon public school board trustees have agreed to provide $600 to Multi-Faith Saskatoon to help cover the costs of colour illustrations for a new book about nine faiths in Saskatoon... Multi-Faith Saskatoon, an organization that aims to bring together people from different faiths, has received funding for the project through a centennial grant. It is compiling stories based on a theme of respect for others from each of the nine major faiths in Saskatoon -- Baha'i, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, First Nations, Sikhism, Islam, Judaism and Unitarian. Also included in the book are the history, practices and major holidays of the faiths. A copy of the book is to be distributed to each elementary school and libraries in the city. A Multi-Faith calendar, with information on several religious observations and holidays, is also to be distributed to each school in the division."