Multi-Faith Gathering Honors MLK

January 15, 2007


Source: Brattleboro Reformer

GUILFORD -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired the country to move beyond the more than 200 years of racist policies that segregated Americans along color lines. And while the country today honors Dr. King for leading the civil rights movement, a southern Vermont group is celebrating King's contribution to helping different religious groups understand each other as well.

The Brattleboro Area Interfaith Initiative is hosting its second annual Martin Luther King celebration at the Guilford Community Church tonight with a 5:30 potluck, followed at 6:30 with a service that recognized King's legacy.

"As an interfaith community we are looking for places where we can gain inspiration from others," said Lise Sparrow, pastor at the Guilford Community Church. "Martin Luther King explicitly talked about Gandhi, who was a Hindu, as well as Christ. He is someone who took inspiration from people of other faiths and this is an opportunity for us to talk about that."

The Brattleboro Area Interfaith Initiative is a movement made up spiritual leaders from the area who are working to create a better understanding among different religions and faiths in the area.

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