"Muhammad: The Last Prophet" the Movie

November 15, 2004

Source: The Washington Post


On November 15, 2004 The Washington Post reported, "'Muhammad: The Last Prophet' a lush, solemn, 90-minute animated film directed by Disney veteran Richard Rich made its U.S. debut yesterday, showing in about 40 cities in 86 theaters nationwide, four of them in Northern Virginia. The English-language film has been released in a handful of countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Malaysia and Turkey, with subtitles... 'Muhammad: The Last Prophet' traces the rise of Islam in 7th century Mecca, when the now-holy place was a corrupt city of slave owners and wooden and stone gods. The message is sacrosanct, the god is Allah. Since Islamic law prohibits any images of the prophet (or his close relatives) to be seen, the action is shown, as needed, from Muhammad's point of view, you don't see him you see what he sees, and follows him through his preaching, his words directly out of the Koran.'"