Mufti Warns Muslims to Beware of Pluralism and Liberalism

June 13, 2006

Source: The Star

On June 13, 2006 The Star reported, "Elements of liberalism and pluralism have crept into the thinking of some so-called Muslim intellectuals, and this could affect the Muslim lifestyle, said Perak Mufti Datuk Harussani Zakaria. He said discussions on polygamy, the faraidh system, revision of the Quran, setting up of an Inter-Faith Commission and abolishment of Article 121 (1A) of the Federal Constitution, were getting louder as more Malaysians were embracing liberalism and pluralism. 'If left unchecked, liberalism and pluralism will be difficult to control,' he said in his keynote speech Purifying Islam from Liberalism and Pluralism at the Ulama Convention 2006 here yesterday. Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah opened the gathering, which was held in conjunction with the 78th birthday of Sultan Azlan Shah. Harussani said Muslims, whether policymakers or ordinary people, should know that liberalism and pluralism were alien to the fundamentals of Islam. 'The intellectuals and leaders must be aware of the threats to Islam posed by these elements,' he added. He proposed that Islamic countries set up a body to monitor the influence of Western thinking and culture."

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