Much Noise Over Names At Towers Of Silence

April 8, 2010

Author: Manoj R Nair

Source: Mumbai Mirror

After refusing permission to an inter-caste married Parsi woman to let her body be consigned to the Towers of Silence after her death because she had assumed a ‘Hindu’ name, the Bombay Parsi Panchayet (BPP) has declared that funerals of women married outside the community will not be allowed at the towers if they have adopted non-Zoroastrian names.

The resolution which was passed at a meeting two weeks ago will be applicable even if the women continue to be practising Zoroastrians.

On March 18, the board of the BPP, the community’s apex representative body, met to discuss an application made by Goolrookh Gupta who also uses her adopted name Neha.