Movie on Jewish-Muslim Love Challenges Taboos, Provokes Ire

January 16, 2007

Source: All About Jewish Theatre

In a darkened lane the young lovers crouch and caress. The girl leans to kiss the boy, then hesitates. He removes the Star of David pendant hanging from his neck and fastens it around hers, where she can no longer see it.

"This way, you'll think of other things," he says gently.

The scene is just one of many provocative moments in the movie "Marock," a story of Jewish-Muslim love challenging taboos in this traditional Muslim society and provoking Islamic politicians' ire.

The movie only won general release on screens here this week - nearly a year after it showed at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005 - following a long vetting by government censors, who made no cuts.

Prior to public release, the movie also appeared in festivals in Casablanca and Tangiers, provoking both critical acclaim and debate over whether it was appropriate for Moroccan audiences.