Movie Documents Sept. 11 Hate Crimes

February 7, 2007

Author: Anna Blaise

Source: Daily Campus, the

A full audience sat quietly at The Jorgensen Center For The Performing Arts Tuesday night and awaited the premiere of "Divided We Fall," a documentary about hate crimes in America after Sept. 11, which explored the question of who counts as an American in a world divided.

Prior to the movie, Angela Rola, the director of the Asian American Cultural Center, welcomed the audience and thanked the sponsors of the film.

Ronald Taylor, Vice Provost for Multicultural & International Affairs then shared a few words of welcome, saying, "we all count and we all look like Americans."

As the opening credits were being shown, so were clips from Sept. 11.

Valarie Kaur, a junior at Stanford University, traveled across the country with cameraman Amandeep Singh, documenting the stories of hate crimes and prejudice after Sept. 11.