Mothers Honored With Buddha In Central Square

May 12, 2009

Author: George P. Hassett

Source: Wicked Local Cambridge

Tibetan monks and Cambridge mothers walked side by side through Central Square on Sunday to celebrate motherhood and Buddha's birthday. It was the first time the Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center, based in Cambridge, celebrated the birth of Buddha and Mother's Day together in the city.

At the corner of Main and Colombia streets, mothers were honored with flowers and singing and dancing. All participants, including pedestrians walking by and diners at nearby cafe's, were then invited to bathe the baby Buddha, a Buddhist tradition that symbolizes "starting fresh and purifying the body, mind and heart," said Tony Kuo, a volunteer at the cultural center.

After pouring water over a small, golden statue of the Buddha, Cambridge resident Minka Van Beuzekon said, "Celebrating Buddha's birthday in the community and with our neighbors is a fabulous way to honor mothers. Without a mother there would be no Buddha."