Mother Earth Indian Festival

June 10, 2007

Author: Karen Lee

Source: News 10 Now

There was no dividing line on Sunday as Native Americans and those who were not marched together, one behind the other.

The group says they're aiming for two things, exposing Native American culture to those who may not know about it and breaking down the walls of false discrimination.

Learning more about a misunderstood history. The Mother Earth Indian Festival was held over the weekend to give people an inside look at the Native American Culture. News 10 Now's Karen Lee was there.

"We're just as human. I dress like you do. You know, I drive a car, we all have jobs like you do, and we're not the scalpers. We're not the human sacrifice people," said Waukea, a clans mother.

The drum is not just a mere instrument to the native people. It plays a very sacred role in connecting them to the Earth.