Mosque Plan Forges Ahead

May 18, 2007

Author: Tony Burchyns

Source: Morgan Hill Times

Morgan Hill - Plans to build the region's first mosque on 15 acres in San Martin are weeks away from beginning their long march through the county planning process.

After handing in pre-application materials last summer to the Santa Clara County Department of Planning and Development, developers of the mosque - South Valley Islamic Community - are ready to submit applications for land-use and subdivision permits this month.

As the bureaucracy grinds forward, the three parcels must be approved by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. Furthermore, because the property is adjacent to Llagas Creek, the subdivision application requires review from the Santa Clara Valley Water District. All in all, the whole process could take eight to 10 months before finally going to the Santa Clara County Planning Commission.

Located west of Monterey Highway just north of California Avenue, the land is zoned for residential uses with a commercial overlay. The property's zoning, therefore, does not preclude such a project. Additionally, the organization has addressed the obvious questions of providing water and sewer in the rural neighborhood. West San Martin Water Company has pledged to provide service and tests show the land is high enough above the water table to allow a septic system, according to preliminary plans.

Supervisor Don Gage, who said he has not reviewed the project as of yet, said if it meets land-use requirements it would be a social asset for South County.