Mosque Founder Supports Daughter's Challenge to Mosque in West Virginia

August 20, 2004

Source: Beliefnet

On August 20, 2004 Beliefnet published an editorial by mosque founder Zafar Nomani concerning his support of daughter Asara Nomani who is at the center of Mosque controversy in West Virgina. "The mosque management committee has informed my daughter that 35 members of the congregation have signed a petition to 'expel' her from the mosque for 'actions and practices that are disruptive to prayer, worship and attendance' at the Islamic Center of Morgantown and 'actions and practices that were harmful to the members of our community'... 'Her crime: speaking out against gender inequity, hate and intolerance at our mosque. This kind of retribution is unprecedented in my lifetime of working within the Muslim community, but it is emblematic of the way that extremists and traditionalists try to squash dissent within the Muslim world.'"

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