Mosque and Schools Vandalized with Swastikas

March 18, 2005

Source: Expatica

Wire Service: AFP

On March 18, 2005 Agence France-Presse reported, "Vandals scrawled dozens of swastikas and racial slurs on the walls of a mosque and two schools in eastern France, police said Friday.

Early Friday, police in the town of Soultz, located south of Strasbourg, discovered five swastikas and racial slurs written in black marker on the bulletin board of the local mosque...

In the nearby town of Guebwiller, intruders used black marker to daub four dozen swastikas, as well as racial epithets, on the walls of a middle school in the early hours of Thursday, police said.

A few more swastikas were scrawled on the walls of a nearby high school and a bus shelter in a neighbouring town, probably by the same vandals, whom police described as teenagers 'who are not necessarily linked to neo-Nazi groups.'"