Morning-After Pill is Against My Religion, Muslim Pharmacist Tells Couple

May 25, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Thaindian News/ANI

A Muslim pharmacist is under fire for refusing to sell a couple emergency contraception because it was against his religious beliefs.

Chris Mellett and Kaye Walsh went to a Sainburys chemist to buy the morning-after pill but were told they couldn’t have it, because the pharmacist didn’t agree with it.

Im a 36-year-old woman, not a child. I respect other peoples religions, but when it affects my life its not on, the Daily Star quoted recruitment worker Kaye, as saying.

Surely the pharmacist has a duty of care? If relig-ion comes into it he should change his job, she added.

Pro-choice groups are furious that the chemist left Kaye and Chris in the lurch.