More Woman-Led Prayers to Take Place in Various US Cities

March 24, 2005

Source: Yahoo! News

On March 24, 2005 Yahoo! News reported, "a female author leading a campaign for more rights for Muslim women said she would organize a Muslim prayer service in Boston on Friday, amid growing opposition from Islamic leaders. Asra Nomani, author of an upcoming book on women in Islam, said she would organize a service among a small Muslim congregation of men and women. Boston resident Nakia Jackson, 25, will lead the service, becoming the second woman in a week to lead a Friday service, a role historically held by men. Nomani, 39, led a small service near Boston on Wednesday, but leading a Friday service is far more controversial as the midday prayer is the most important one of the week. A service where men and women sit together also goes against Islamic tradition, as most mosques make them pray separately."