Monks See 'End' of Shambo Fight

July 24, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: BBC News

Monks at a Carmarthenshire multi-faith community say they are "pretty much at the end of the road" in their legal fight to save Shambo the bullock.

The Welsh Assembly Government has also ruled out the possibility of another skin test on the animal.

The Friesian at Skanda Vale, which has tested positive for bovine TB, is again facing slaughter after an appeal court overturned a ruling to block the order.

Brother Alex described the chance of an appeal to the House of Lords as "slim".

The appeal court's ruling has been welcomed by farmers' union NFU Cymru.

The assembly Government won its appeal against a high court judge's decision last week to block two slaughter orders. It said there was no timetable for slaughter, but it wanted to minimise distress to the animal and its carers.

Judge Gary Hickinbottom had said the orders had failed to give enough weight to the rights of the monks, but the assembly government's appeal was upheld by the appeal court in London on Monday.

Lord Justice Pill said former Rural Affairs Minister Jane Davidson acted lawfully when she refused to make an exception for Shambo as a sacred bullock.

He said the decision was justified even though Shambo's slaughter would be considered a sacrilegious act by the community.