Monk Behind Buddhist TV Explains its Mission

July 8, 2007

Author: Isuri Kaviratne

Source: The Sunday Times,4452,0,0,1,0

It was all done under the motto of “Peace of mind to all”. Sri Lanka’s first Buddhist Channel, after experiencing one week of telecast last week is all equipped to continue, Daranagala Kusaladhamma Thera, Chief Incumbent of Sri Sambodhi Viharaya said.

“The main thinking behind the starting of the channel is to promote Buddhism and Buddhist culture. That’s why we coincided the launch with the day before Poson, when Sinhala Buddhist culture and way of living first saw the light of day more than two thousand years ago,” Kusaladhamma Thera said.

The 24-hour television channel ‘The Buddhist’ came into being as a result of an agreement between Ven. Kusaladhamma Thera, Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva and the Dialog Company.

“The Government has no direct involvement in it though they helped us in various ways”, Kusaladhamma Thera said.

‘The Buddhist’ which has a full coverage over the country is being telecast to India, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well. English and Sinhala are used as the main languages. Kusaladhamma Thera said that they plan to promote Buddhism in Western Countries as well through the channel by widening its coverage.