Moldova Serves As Case Study for Inter-Religious Dialogue Conference

June 4, 2004

Source: Moldova AZI

On June 4, 2004 Moldova AZI reported, "Moldova may well be attributed to regions with an environment favorable in terms of inter-religious relations, believes Mr. Klaus Schumann, Director General of Political Affairs of the Council of Europe. He is taking part in a Roundtable named 'Promoting Inter-Religious Dialog as a Means for Reconciliation, Conflict Resolution and Improving Democratic Stability in Southeastern Europe: the Case of Moldova,' which is continuing in Chisinau. The organization of such international forums in Southeastern European countries is one of the objectives of the "Maribor Initiative" Project. Last year, such Roundtable was held in Romania, and in 2005 a forum will take place in Bulgaria. Mr. Schumann said Moldova presents a particular interest to the Council of Europe as a republic having more than 2 thousand religious organizations. He said, 'Your region does not have strongly pronounced conflicts. There exist differences between the Metropolitan Churches of Bessarabia and Moldova, but I do hope the differences have rather a political coloring.' Chairman of the parliamentary standing Committee for Human Rights and National Minorities Mr. Mikhail Sidorov said there are no emergency situations in the spheres of inter-religious and inter-ethnic relations in Moldova."