Modesto Muslim Community Upset over Dave Hunt Lecture

June 14, 2003

Source: The Modesto Bee

On June 14, 2003 The Modesto Bee reported that "as Moses Saleh sat in the cavernous sanctuary of a Modesto [CA] church recently, he felt trapped. He was listening to Christian author Dave Hunt lecture on the subject of Islam -- and Saleh, 62, a lifelong Muslim, was growing more and more upset... There were many things he wanted to say -- points he wanted to dispute, statements presented as facts that Saleh said were false. But he did not have a chance. Feeling frustrated, he and the handful of other Muslims left partway through the lecture... 'He was just falsifying the religion, (saying things) not in the Koran,' said Saleh, a forklift driver and president of the Islamic Center of Modesto. 'I never got information that was so misleading about a religion...' Hunt -- author of several books and a writer for The Berean Call, a corporation devoted to alerting Christians about nonbiblical teachings -- had been invited to speak at Modesto's Calvary Chapel on 'Understanding Islam...' Hunt stated in the April lecture that Muslims and Christians worship a different God, that Jesus taught peace while Islam is founded on violence, and that the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers were not extremists, but faithful Muslims following the teachings of their prophet, Mohammed."