Mistaken Link between Witchcraft and Satanic Worship

May 15, 2003

Source: News Net 5


On May 15, 2003 News Net 5 reported that "Mark and Elizabeth Sommerer, adoptive parents of four cats, are self-described 'regular people...' 'We shop like everybody else does. We go to the Laundromat. We play with our kids. We pay taxes, work jobs,' Elizabeth said... And Lee said they cast spells... They contacted News Channe l5 after seeing news reports of so-called Satan worship linked to the discovery of two animal carcasses in LaGrange Township [OH]... While Satanic acts were later ruled out, they feel their beliefs are often confused with Satan worship... 'Witchcraft, the way real witches practice it, doesn't have anything to do with animal sacrifice. It doesn't have anything to do with Satanism,' Elizabeth said... Lee reported that Mark was actually raised a Lutheran, and while Christians seriously object to his beliefs, they're shared by a surprising number of people... Mark and Elizabeth are two of an estimated 30,000 pagans living and working in northeast Ohio, many of whom call themselves witches."