Minority Religions Counter Media Vilification of Their Faiths

March 4, 2006

Source: Toronto Star

Wire Service: RNS


On March 4, 2006 Religion News Service reported, "As Muslims from London to Islamabad take to the streets to defend their lampooned prophet, the frustrated feelings on display are ringing familiar beyond the world of Islam. Pagans, Hindus, Native Americans and others convinced the mass media have long vilified their religions are taking pens, microphones and cameras into their own hands. They're retelling stories of their religions in textbooks, news interviews and on the Internet in fresh bids to be understood and remembered for the positive qualities often cited by insiders. By doing so, believers often insist they're taking their rightful place as educators of those who know little about religion beyond their own experience. But whether the faithful should have the final say in publicly defining themselves is a matter of spirited debate."