Minnesota Sakya Center Celebrates 25th Anniversary: Buddhist Leader Visits

June 28, 2003

Source: Star Tribune


On June 28, 2003 the Star Tribune reported that "Leilani Hotaling of Minnetonka always thought of herself as a Buddhist at heart. 'I've wanted to somehow become connected with the Buddhist community,' she said. Having done 'quite a bit of reading' on Buddhism, she decided to attend the 25th anniversary of the Minnesota Sakya Center. After Friday's event, Hotaling said she wants to be a Buddhist and seek out a temple... Members of the Twin Cities Tibetan community celebrated at the center, which is at Phat An Vietnamese Temple in Roseville, and they welcomed Sakya Trizin, who is second only to the Dalai Lama in Tibetan Buddhism. Dozens of followers lined up outside the center hoping to be honored with his blessings. Everyone waited quietly with bowed heads. Some held out white silk scarves hoping that Sakya Trizin, 58, would drape them around their necks as a sign of his blessings... The Sakya Center opened in 1978 when Sakya Trizin encouraged students in the Twin Cities area to establish a formal meditation group... As he addressed the participants at the center, Sakya Trizin gave warm greetings and thanks to many members of the Tibetan community, the Minnesota Sakya Center and others who organized the event."