Minister and Rabbi Marry Same- Sex Couples in New York

March 18, 2004

Source: The New York Times

On March 18, 2004 The New York Times reported, "A minister and a rabbi plan to officiate same-sex marriages in front of City Hall in Manhattan today, and are asking other clergy members to attend to show their support. The event is also a show of solidarity for two Unitarian Universalist ministers who face criminal charges upstate for performing same-sex weddings. 'We're calling on clergy around the state performing these kinds of ceremonies to join us in public,' said the Rev. Pat Bumgardner, the lesbian pastor of Manhattan's Metropolitan Community Church, a worldwide Christian fellowship that welcomes gays and lesbians. 'We want the same thing as is accorded heterosexual couples - and I've married some of them, too,' Today, Ms. Bumgardner was to marry two couples - one male and the other female - who already pledged their commitment in religious ceremonies. The aim is to bond the couples in a civil marriage, although the legality of doing so is being challenged."