Miffed Muslims Visit 'Code' Town

February 12, 2007

Source: Winnepeg Sun


HEROUXVILLE, Que. -- Clad in traditional Islamic head scarves, a delegation of Muslim women paid a visit yesterday to the Quebec town that passed a controversial code aimed at potential immigrants.

Six women, accompanied by a handful of male and female Muslim students, appealed for changes to a so-called "code of life," which lays out societal norms for Herouxville, 165 kilometres northeast of Montreal.

The declaration, passed by the town council last month, says a person's face should not be covered, except at Halloween, and that children should sing Christmas songs in December.

It warns would-be immigrants that women can vote, drive and dance if they choose.

It says adults can drink alcohol and children cannot bring weapons, religiously symbolic or not, to school despite a Supreme Court of Canada ruling that has already upheld that right for Sikh Canadians.

Although the list has no legal weight, it clearly targets religious minorities, said May Haidar, one of the women who made the journey to the community of 1,300 yesterday afternoon.