Mideast Peace Activists to Share Stories

May 27, 2007

Source: The Plain Dealer


After his brother was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier, Ali Abu Awwad was urged by some friends and neighbors to seek revenge. But instead of joining a militant group in the West Bank, the young Palestinian joined a peace group that embraces Jews.

Robi Damelin, an Israeli mom, lost her 28-year-old son to a sniper's bullet. She also channeled her grief into Parents Circle - Families Forum, a bereavement group in the Holy Land that represents victims on both sides of the sectarian divide and works toward peace.

The pair will share their stories of loss and hope at a fund-raising dinner of the local Arab-Jewish peace group Ishmael & Isaac on Tuesday, June 5, at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel.

"Each of them have said, 'Enough,' and they're doing co-existence projects together," said Anita Gray, national president of Ishmael & Isaac.