Metro Detroit Muslims Mourn Loss of Pope John Paul II

April 6, 2005

Source: The Detroit News

Wire Service: AP

On April 6, 2005 the Associated Press reported, "Muslims across Metro Detroit are expressing sadness and concern at the death of Pope John Paul II, who, they say, transcended the boundaries of different faiths and brought many Christians to a greater understanding of Islam. Many said they are saddened by the loss of a great spiritual force and concerned that the next pope may not be as effective in promoting cooperation and understanding among faiths. 'More than any religious leader, he made a lot of strides to speak to all of the faithful, and I think many of his words about the value of life and the value of family resonated very strongly in the Muslim community,' said Muzammil Ahmed, a surgeon who lives in Canton Township and who is active in the Canton mosque. 'He was very open to other faiths and met with Muslim leaders and Muslims in other countries without being judgmental. He had a lot of friends in our community.'"