Meet Sania Sayyed, a Muslim Singer of Hindu Bhajans

March 14, 2007

Source: Daily India/ANI

Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh): In India, there are innumerable examples of people trying to keep alive the country's rich heritage and promoting brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims.

Take the example of teenager Sania Sayyed, a resident of Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh, who holds her audience spellbound by singing bhajans or Hindu devotional songs.

The bhajans are in praise of Lord Krishna, and Sania knows this is one way to unite people.

Thus recently, she astonishingly sang bhajans for a record 130 hours. She began with an ode to the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha, and than sang bhajans in praise of other gods and goddesses.

Sania says she created the record not for worldly praise, but to bring Muslims and Hindus together.