Media Authorites Seek Ban of Lebanese Satellite Channel Because of Anti-Semitic Content

December 10, 2004

Source: International Herald Tribune

On December 10, 2004 the International Herald Tribune reported, "French media authorities are seeking to sanction or ban a Lebanese satellite channel because of its militant, anti-Semitic messages, but any action they take will probably be rendered symbolic because of sophisticated satellite technology that effectively erodes national boundaries. Even if it were banned, Al Manar, based in Beirut, would be able to reach viewers in France and other parts of the world through alternative satellites, two of which are owned by American firms with blue-chip credentials. Experts, including critics of Al Manar, concede that satellite technology would enable Al Manar to elude any ban so that viewers from San Francisco to Paris could continue to watch its programming, which includes music videos glorifying suicide bombers as 'blessed martyrs' and commentary blaming Jews for spreading AIDS."