Massachusetts Episcopal Bishop Joins Pro-Palestinian Demonstration in Boston

July 12, 2006

Source: The Boston Globe

On July 12, 2006 The Boston Globe reported, "Bishop M. Thomas Shaw of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, who five years ago jolted local Christian-Jewish relations by joining a pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate in Boston, plans to reprise his performance today with another protest at the same location. Saying that his Christian faith does not allow him to remain silent in the face of Israel's incursions into Gaza, Shaw said he feels a moral obligation to call attention to the plight of Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim, and especially to an Episcopal hospital in Gaza, Al Ahli Arab, that he said is operating on a generator and is days from running out of electricity to care for its patients. 'I want to draw as much attention to the situation as I possibly can, because I'm concerned about what's happening there,' Shaw said yesterday, explaining his decision to join the protest, which is organized by groups supportive of Palestinian rights and critical of Israeli conduct. 'The message I want to send is that I really encourage the Israeli consulate to communicate to the Israeli government and the Israeli military how critical it is for them to immediately withdraw from the Gaza and to do whatever they can, in a humanitarian way, to take care of the 700,000 people who are without any kind of electricity and to provide the necessary fuel, so that medical care can continue to happen and children can be taken care of.' The Israeli consul general, interviewed by phone yesterday, objected to the planned protest. 'It's a basic manifestation of ignorance, and maybe something more than that,' the consul general, Meir Shlomo, said of the protest. 'Nobody bothered to put on a demonstration when in the last six months they launched rockets on Israel with the sheer intention to kill as many civilians as possible.'"