Maryland Muslims Gather Food for Local Community

September 15, 2003

Source: The Washington Post

On September 15, 2003 The Washington Post reported that "the fliers distributed to more than 30,000 Maryland homes by Muslim civic groups across the Washington region last weekend contained a simple plea for non-perishable goods for an upcoming food drive. But the Muslim volunteers who circled through their communities to pick up contributions yesterday said they hoped their neighbors had also gotten the unwritten message: 'We are one of you. We want to be a part of this country,' said Ellicott City pediatrician Naseem Khan. Like many of the several hundred participants, Khan said her involvement in the food drive was largely a response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks... 'As immigrants, our first focus was on sending help to our native countries,' he said. 'But now we're getting to the point where we're saying, 'Okay, that's good to do, but let's also start doing stuff to help here' [in the United States]. "

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