Malawi Muslims Commemorate the Birth Of Prophet Alongside Christians

March 9, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Nyasa Times

Muslims in the country will on Tuesday commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, with Christians from various denominations on their side to demonstrate a symbol of unity in religious diversity.

Meanwhile, thousands of Muslims from all walks of life across the country are trooping to the cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre to take part in various activities which have been lined up to commemorate the event.

And various places in the cities have been beautifully decorated to set the mood for the day. Some of the activities include prayers, during which Muslims will gather in various mosques.

They will also go around the streets of the two cities in a parade, known as Ziyara. Celebrations marking the birth of the Prophet have been jointly organized by Association of Sunni Madrassahs (ASUM) and At-tariqatun Qadriah Sunni Association (AQSA) to the tune of K4m.

In an interview, Spiritual Advisor of the celebrations, Sheikh Aman King’ombe said scores of Christians from various denominations will join their Muslim brothers and sisters in the prayers and the parade in an effort to send across a message of unity and peace to the country, amidst religious diversity.

“We are having our brothers and sisters from the Christian community during the commemoration of the birth of the prophet. We would like to create an awareness that Islam is there for unity of all people and peace as espoused by the Prophet Muhammad.

“We would like through this event this year and every year effective now, to model a society where differences in religious beliefs should not be an issue. People of different beliefs should co-exist. We need to promote tolerance among Muslims and Christians, “ said King’ombe.