Malasian Interfaith Network Promotes Peace and Justice

December 15, 2003

Source: The Star

On December 15, 2003 The Star reported, "Set up last December during the First Taiping Interfaith Dialogue Roundtable in Taiping, Perak, the Malaysian Interfaith Network (MIN) comprises leaders from the various faiths in the country. It champions a shared cause of getting Malaysians to practise unity, peace and common values of different religions to make the world a better place. 'Today, more than at any time, we need to work even harder to forge partnerships that transcend race, religion and class to build a world of peace and justice,' says Datuk Dr Anwar Fazal, chairman of MIN and the Taiping Peace Initiative and a senior regional adviser with the United Nations Development Programme (The Urban Governance Initiative, UNDP)...Since its inception, MIN has held several talks and conferences to promote awareness and advocate the universal practice of its golden rule. MIN works closely with an international non-government organisation, Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF), which shares a common cause with MIN."