Majority-Muslim Province Also Includes Buddhists, Christians and Taoists Living in Harmony

June 2, 2004

Source: Xinhuanet

On June 2, 2004 Xinhuanet reported, "The Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Linxia in northwest China's Gansu Province is known as the 'little Mecca' in China for the existence in peace and harmony of residents of different ethnic groups and different faiths. The prefecture has a population of 1.92 million. People of Hui ethnicity constitute 56 percent of the total population. Other ethnic groups include Dongxiang, Bonan, Salar, Han, Tibetan, Mongol, and Tu. The majority of residents believe in Islam, but belong to different sects. Some other residents worship Buddhism, Taoism...and Christianity. They have followed their own way of life and never experienced national disputes for decades. The region has 2,909 religious sites including 2,528 Mosques with more than 1 million believers, 295 Buddhist temples and 105 Tibetan lamaseries."