Mad Cow Disease and Eid Sacrafice in NYC

January 9, 2004

Source: Bangla Patrika

On January 9, 2004 Bangla Patrika reported, "With only few days left before the second biggest religious festival of Holy Eid Ul Azha, every Muslim household is making preparations. The festival falls after Qurbani, the Holy Sacrifice of Animals, when most religious Muslims sacrifice a cow. But, with the discovery of mad cow disease in the United States, people are ambivalent. Now many people are waiting to see if there is any update on the situation before Eid. Many grocers say that they have not received orders for Qurbani, and that the orders received are mostly for goats. Comparatively speaking, the goat supply in the market is poor. Mujibur Rahman of Mannan Grocery in Jackson Heights said that the orders for sacrificial animals would be in full swing starting this week."