At Lutheran Hospital, the Masjid is a Few Doors Down from the Chapel

July 13, 2005

Source: New York Daily News

On July 13, 2005 the New York Daily News reported, "To meet the needs of Muslim patients and staff, Lutheran [Medical Center in Sunset Park] has just opened the masjed, or small mosque, in the main hospital building, a few doors from a Christian chapel... Lutheran has had two small rooms for Muslims to pray, but neither was big enough, said hospital officials. 'When we saw people in the halls, the stairways, anywhere, making a place to pray, we thought, "Why not make a place where they could practice their religion when they needed to, especially in an atmosphere where people are sick?"' said Lutheran obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Ahmad Jaber. When a first-floor room became available, the hospital put together a team of staff members, imams from Brooklyn's Islamic community, volunteers and fund-raisers to plan the new masjed."

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