Louisville Group Finds 'Glimmer of Hope' on Mideast Trip

March 15, 2007

Author: Peter Smith

Source: The Courier-Journal


A Christian, a Jew and two Muslims went on a trip to the Holy Land.

"That sounds like a bad joke," one Israeli border guard told them.

But for the four Louisville men, the trip last month was a serious effort to meet with people on all sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, hear their stories and ask what can be done to support a peaceful, two-state solution.

"We traveled as Christian, Jew and Muslim and we all saw the same things," said Terry Taylor, executive director of the group Interfaith Paths to Peace, noting that often people who tour the Middle East see only selective scenes of the conflict.

"Not one person said, 'Solve our problem,' " said Taylor, who is Christian. Rather, he said, people asked them to "tell the stories you've heard."