Louisiana Organization Seeks Peace Through Interfaith Dialogue

July 11, 2003

Source: The News-Star


On July 11, 2003 The News-Star reported that "a panel of scholars and lay people from different faith groups and international communities will talk at Neville High School tonight about how to overcome obstacles to personal and world peace... The forum, called 'Overcoming Obstacles to Peace, Friendship and Joy,' is sponsored by the Eagle Vision Foundation, a local organization that promotes world peace through religious understanding and shared worship of God... Dr. Dawn Knight, a Monroe obstetrician and gynecologist, and her husband, Ram Tanguturi, a business consultant, founded the organization... Through Eagle Vision, Knight and Tanguturi have traveled to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria and India to host interdenominational 'town hall' meetings with Christians, Muslims and Buddhists... As such, Tanguturi and Knight have assembled a group of panelists representing Christianity, Islam, Hinduism the Baha'i faith as well as the countries of Nigeria and China to offer solutions for achieving peace."